My First Blog Post

PhD Graduate School Hack I: Genesis

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Welcome to the new world of graduate school. You must be excited to be at school. In other years, it would be nice schools and smell of good food in a new restaurant. But under the Corona it is a different story. You are wondering how to get through this time. You are not alone. But having 7 years of grad school experience, I can cope up with Corona pretty well. So, welcome to the club.

Published by Iftekhar Jaim, PhD Scientist and Crafty Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

My philosophy of life is to integrate my work and leisure to make the world a better place by actively pushing the technological limits that NASA and US Defense need or helping a stranger struggling in college. Since 2018 working at NASA GSFC gave me the opportunity to develop flight components for satellites and previously samples were launched to International Space Station (ISS). I worked in optics, microscopy, metallurgy, surface chemistry, condensed matter physics, microfabrication and quantum computing (reproduced by Google) during my PhD program. My Mechanical Engineering BSc helps me to quick fix the experimental setups. My expertise beyond academic research includes managing federal contracts, Intellectual Property (IP) development ( including ITAR & SBU compliant), industry standard lab management, serving professional societies and reviewing journals. I am open to collaborate in new projects and consultancy in both professional fields and career planning. On personal note, I am privileged to come from a very well-educated family but as an immigrant also correlate to the struggles to get initial traction from disadvantaged backgrounds in USA. I believe that individual voice matters and every limitation brings a new opportunity to change the world. To give back to the community I emphasize on the broader social engagement. I enjoy the diversity this country offers and committed to reduce the inequality gap by volunteering for social and educational causes. I enjoy inspiring the young people to be a part of STEM and often take part in such activities. My other passions are to study history, theology and tech development. In fact, I worked in science and colonial era war history which changed my worldview a decade ago. I also financially support liberal arts organizations representing minorities and humanitarian non-profits like ADL, Holocaust Museum and children hospitals.

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