Beyond School Districts

Your zip code defines your future -statistically. Numerous studies by economists, educators, and journalists have consistently revealed that issue. One of the furious arguments takes place when there is a discussion of redrawing school districts. Even the supporters of minority education on the polished faces start to resist. It happened in Maryland, California and other liberal places, but not in the segregated south alone. Remember the School Busing in Berkley during the DNC debate,- how heated it got? The idea of a local tax-based school district has created a system designed to fail without any consequences for rich investors because of the constant immigration of talented foreigners. But the inner city and the south parts of Chicago, Washington DC, or Baltimore are not running on stock indexes, rather on the sweat of ordinary Americans, especially people of color. While immigration creates jobs, especially the high salary ones, that does not solve the problems of the low-income class. Not many immigrants take the initiatives to understand broader American history, and become integrated into social life beyond their comfort zone and back home people. So, now the division is income based. White neighborhoods with deep pocketed model immigrants from Asian countries on the north side, and the Black, Latino or other minorities in the south side of the city. Two coasts vs. the white farmers, manufacturers and the people who are thought of not refined. The whole American experiment of a melting pot is burning with odors rather than mixing into one fine dish.

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During Covid-19, it is becoming clearer than ever. High speed internet access, laptops and other electronics, as well as pod teachers are more available to rich parents. But what about others? There are people, who are not valued by the digital economy, just because of their less purchase potentials. There are kids, who need to go to a parking lot to get internet connections to do their homework. Don’t they deserve some chances to turn around their lucks?

You might ask why a professional like me choose to work on this website when there are so many websites and companies already available. Long story short — I care. I care to make a change in the life of an individual with my experiences and positivity. I have first-hand experiences on how the lack of information can negatively impact someone’s life. Coming from a low-GDP country when Internet was not enriched like today, I struggled to utilize my full potential in my early years. Therefore, it is not difficult for me to understand the challenges faced by many in this country. In these days, meeting people from all around the world in the Washington DC area, constantly reminds me that inequality exists in many layers, and education is one the most important issues to be addressed.

In this website, I will try to make a hub for the people who want academic planning that match their interests in the USA. I know, life is tough in rough school districts. But it does not need to be the end of your story. Your life can be an inspirational one for many if you come up with an early plan. There are many good people in good neighborhoods willing to help you. But you need to take the first few steps. Check my other articles on how to win scholarships from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Meanwhile, keep yourself busy with the following sites to develop your skills for free:


If you feel that you need a better understanding of what fits you the best and not to get lost in the sea of options, please feel free to contact me so that we can schedule a session. We are both on the same journey of building back America, and now it is your time to take the charge.

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