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UGI offers a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after in your Graduate Program. Not sure what research you need to focus, or whether it is cost effective? I can explain what schools are right for you. Get in touch below.

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Masters Degree

While the degree sounds straight forward 30 credit hours program, choosing a wrong major can bring lifetime havoc or lifetime income loss. I will give broader perspective beyond just the university brand correlating to your resume. Is it good to finish MS immediately after Bachelor’s or wait? Is there any funding opportunity available? Loan interest rates are higher in grad school and overall it costs more tuition fees. Don’t take a hasty decision, contact before you put $80-100K and two years of your life. You might get funding too!

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PhD Program

Oh my Gosh, PhD Program! Unfortunately, rarely PhD program goes according to plan. Funding, change of professors, personality mismatch issues, poor salary, job prospects, having family and finding a good research topic all can snowball and act as a monster on your shoulder. Unless someone was in your shoe, none will realize your life style. I understand the pain whether you are an American or International student. Just having good faith in your professors is not enough for many reasons. I will provide options to optimize the situation keeping your interest first.

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Career Planning

Are you the person who got into job immediately after college and wondering if you need to get a Masters or enroll in a PhD program? Are you wondering whether such move will be financially viable betting on the future prospects only? No doubt that it is hard to decide. Getting opinions outside from echo chamber or your known circle is important at this stage. Most importantly, you need to have a career that makes you invaluable to your employer no matter whether there is Covid-19 or not. Just having a job now is not a guarantee for future. You need planning much earlier.

Don’t be shy! Send a message expressing your feelings. UGI stands by you.

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