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UGI offers three different options based on the need of the customers and their backgrounds.

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One to One (Silver)

One to One (Gold)

Group of Maximum 3 Persons (Platinum)

1-hour service11-hour service11-hour service2
15% discount to the second immediate family member for the first 2 meetings in Gold or Silver category within 3 months.20 mins additional background research.Valid only for US Nationals : Low-income family, 1st generation college applicants, & veteran with active services over 5 years, Gold star family.2
10% discount in the next 2 meetings in Silver category within 2 months.15% discount in the next 2 meetings in Gold category within 2 months.
After first 3 meetings, client will be eligible for one audio session to follow-up for $50/30 mins within 3 months of the starting date of the cycle.After first 3 meetings, client will be eligible for two audio sessions to follow up for $60/30 mins within 4 months of the starting date of the cycle.  

New cycle starts after 3 months or completing 3.5 hour meetings whichever comes first.

New cycle starts after 3 months or completing 4 hour meetings whichever comes first.


Please read carefully the notes & conditions of service listed below before you pay:

  1. The 1-hour service includes 50 mins audio/video consultations and 10 mins paperwork. If the user is comfortable with audio only, that will be accommodated. After the first meeting, in the case of scheduling conflict, one meeting can be split into two half an hour sessions within 3 business days. But payment will be made at once.
  2. The 3 persons group need to provide documents of low-income status or other criteria mentioned. If immediate documentation is not possible, users will sign legal documents certifying their low-income situation to stop fraud. UGI has a goal to maximize the social impact by reaching the under-served community. The total amount should be paid by one person and s/he will be responsible for the splitting issues among others.
  3. Users can change options of services after the first meeting. In that case, discounts will not be available as the new cycle will start.
  4. Parents of the client can be present during the meeting. In the case of an under-aged person, at least one parent, or an adult must be present during the entire session.
  5. Clients need to sign liability waiver and other legal documents before the session starts.
  6. UGI will provide or discuss options according to the clients’ need. Clients will be finally responsible for the choosing the decision alone.
  7. By contacting UGI, you agree to waive the liability of your data in the case of data breach and hacking.
  8. By scheduling, you agree that UGI does not guarantee any success for any client at any level.

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