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Middle & High School Students

While parents work diligently and save aggressively for their kids’ colleges, a few steps in the early stage of middle and high school can significantly reduce future tuition fees. A mix of internship, professional networks and skill sets that America values, can increase that chances significantly. Every kid deserves an opportunity to know about opportunities. Upset with your school district and online classes? Please Contact and find out what UGI has to offer for your kids.

Nothing is better than a good strategy to be a debt free person

College & Career Planning

The US universities come with a lot of options like a mall creating distractions. It is easy to get lost or even dabble around for six years in a college. Get a consultation to plan your future more than the university provides. Having a second thought about major, job vs. grad school, Ask Me! Early planning can reduce your debt, boost employment chances, and most likely gives you a happier life.

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PhD Life & Masters Students

One of the reason for founding this site is to support PhD students. The Founder himself had worked in 4 research groups in universities and federal labs in six years to finish his PhD, and took tactics which not only helped him to finish but academically flourish. How to choose a professor, research plans, internships, and making real connections are sophisticated arts. Connect with Me and get a broader picture of life beyond your group.

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